How To Remove American Standard Faucet Handle Without Screws?

You’ve finally made time to address the persistent problem with your American Standard faucet, but when you attempt to unscrew the handle, you notice there isn’t a single screw to be found. You start to consider how to remove American standard faucet handle without screws safely without doing any harm. After all, you don’t want to unintentionally break something and exacerbate the issue.

Although removing a faucet handle without a screw may seem difficult, we’re here to assure you that it’s completely possible. Continue reading if you’re prepared to take on this problem head-on and restore your faucet to its ideal operation.

To assist you with removing the handle from your American standard faucet without using screws, here is our tested method.

Why Can’t I Find Any Screws on My American Standard Faucet Handle?

no screw on American Standard Faucet Handle

Have you ever tried to unscrew a faucet handle only to discover that there is nowhere to look for the screw? You’re not alone, after all! American Standard is one of many faucet manufacturers that have chosen a sleek, contemporary design without any visible screws.

The screw is covered by a cap on American Standard faucets, giving them a streamlined appearance. So where exactly is this hidden screw? The answer is under the cap. You may start the removal process once the cap has been removed because you can then see the screw.

How To Remove American Standard Faucet Handle Without Screws?

How To Remove American Standard Faucet Handle Without Screws?

When it comes to removing an American standard faucet handle without screws, to process go smoothly, you need the right tools. Here is the tool list that you need.

  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Pliers
  • Flat-Head Screwdriver
  • Allen wrench
  • Penetrating oil
  • Towel or Soft cloth
  • White vinegar to clean buildup

Turn off Water Supply To The Faucet

turn off water

Turning off the water supply is a necessary safety precaution that must be taken before you can start the process of removing the handle from your American Standard faucet. This assures that you won’t accidentally switch on the faucet and start a mini-flood in your kitchen or bathroom, as well as that water won’t leak out of the faucet while you’re working on it.

It’s a joy because shutting off the water supply is a simple and quick affair. Locate the water shut-off valve first, which is often under the sink or close to the home’s main water entry.

When you’ve located the valve, turn it clockwise to turn off the water. By turning the faucet handle, it’s a good idea to confirm that the water is turned off; if no water comes out, you’re ready to go.

To remove any remaining water, turn on the faucet’s handle. This makes it more likely that there won’t be any leftover water in the pipes when you start working on the faucet which can potentially make a mess. You are now prepared to go to the following step and begin removing that stubborn faucet handle with these safety precautions in place.

Remove Cap From American Standard Faucet Handle

If the handle doesn’t have any visible screws, the screw is probably covered by a cap. It will become much simpler to remove the screw once the cap has been taken off.

Start by examining the handle in more detail. You ought to be able to see the cap that conceals the screw. It could have an edge seam or be a different color from the handle.

Now, in order to take off the cap, you will require your reliable flat-head screwdriver. Once you have your screwdriver, examine the cap more closely. You’ll see that there is a little opening at the edge into which you can insert a screwdriver. Use the screwdriver to gently pry off the cap by gently inserting it into the opening. If it doesn’t come off easily, be patient and give it another shot.

Remove The Hidden Screw

Now that you’ve found the set screw, remove it to get one step closer to removing your American Standard faucet handle without screws.

But first, you’ll need the appropriate tool for the job. To remove a hexagonal set screw from your faucet handle, you’ll need an Allen wrench. If the set screw is a typical slotted screw, use a flat-head screwdriver.

Cover the drain with a towel or cloth to prevent small parts from sliding down and disappearing into the depths of your plumbing system. Carefully loosen and remove the set screw with the tool in hand. It’s critical to maintain the screw in a secure location so it doesn’t get misplaced or thrown away.

Set screws can become trapped as a result of mineral accumulation or corrosion. In that instance, penetrating oil can be used to help loosen the screw. Simply add the oil to the set screw and wait a few minutes. The oil will help dissolve any buildup and make removing the screw easier. With the set screw removed, you’re one step closer to removing your American Standard faucet handle without screws.

Remove The American Standard Fixture Handle

After locating and removing the hidden screw, pull the handle outside to remove an American Standard faucet handle without screws. This step, however, is sometimes easier said than done. The handle of your faucet may become stuck or difficult to remove depending on its age and condition.

Don’t worry if you’re having difficulties removing the handle; there’s a gadget that can assist you. Enter the handle puller, a useful little item that can save you a lot of time and aggravation.

A handle puller works by firmly grasping the handle and allowing you to easily take it off. When dealing with an older faucet that may be corroded or rusted in place, a handle puller can be extremely useful.

Clean Buildup or Replace Damaged Parts

Now that the handle has been removed, you can repair the American standard faucet handle parts. One of the most typical problems with faucet handles is the accumulation of mineral deposits and other debris inside the handle. This buildup can impair water flow and harm handle parts over time.

Fortunately, the solution is as simple as using vinegar to clear buildup. Vinegar is a natural and powerful cleanser that may remove deposits and restore the appearance of your faucet handle.

Soak a rag or paper towel in vinegar and wrap it over the faucet handle’s stem. Let the vinegar work its magic for a few minutes before wiping away the buildup with the cloth.

When you’ve cleared the debris off the faucet handle, inspect the pieces for any damage. Examine the surface for any cracks, chips, or other signs of wear and tear. If you discover any damaged parts, repair them as quickly as possible to ensure that the handle functions properly.

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Final Thoughts

You’ll be able to remove the handle of your American standard kitchen or bathroom sink faucet, as well as American standard bathtub and shower faucets, with this knowledge, even if you can’t see a screw. A faulty cartridge or washer in the faucet handle may require replacement. If you suspect a leak in your faucet, removing the handle is usually the first step in troubleshooting. Wearing protective eyewear is usually a good idea in case any debris decides to fly up during the operation.

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