Is Peerless a Good Faucet Brand? A Detailed Review

Is Peerless a good faucet brand to complete long tiring washing tasks quickly? People need a convenient and handy faucet for their kitchen and bathroom. Peerless knows how to make washing comfortable and easy for users. The peerless brand is known for its sophisticated and stylish taps. Within the budget, Peerless fixtures are able to enhance the look of the kitchen or bathroom.

Peerless faucets are built with modern designs and technologies with reliable performance. Not only faucets, Peerless has other accessories also.

The beauty of Peerless faucets is beyond time. Its style is infused from the inside out. Know more about the Peerless brand in detail in this guide. Make an informed decision while buying a faucet.

Peerless Brand

peerless brand

In 1961 Peerless was acquired by Masco corporation. Under Masco corporation, there are many brands Brizo, Delta, Peerless, and Hansgrohe. Peerless faucet brand has emerged as one of the most trusted names in the faucet industry.

Brand commitment to quality is the main reason it is competing against big brands. Every faucet under Peerless branding is engineered to perform leak-free and water-tight. This feature helps it to perform better than its competitor.

Along with quality, Peerless faucets are built with cutting-edge style and offer a wide range of designs to its customers. It follows the latest industry standards including ANSI/NSF 61 which stands for the quality of water.

Peerless Faucets

Is Peerless a Good Faucet Brand? A Detailed Review

The peerless faucet collection has different styles, finishes, and features. Every faucet is rigorously tested before coming to the market. While testing it is ensured that the finish and performance of faucets are maintained for years.

Pull Down and Pull Out Faucets

All Peerless faucets come with either pull-down or pull-out spray. Pull spray maximizes the performance of the faucet. It enhances the reach of the hose and gives flexibility to it. All these models come with a single-handle design.

These faucets come in different finishes option: brushed nickel, stainless steel, oil-rubbed bronze, and chrome.

You can choose from traditional to modern styles for these faucets. It fits any interior and style – residential or commercial. Pull-down has a high-arc design while pull-out has a low-arc.

Bar Faucet

Its bar faucet is designed for greater performance and convenient use in the bar area of the house. It uses high-grade materials for it such as stainless steel, and brass. These faucets are smaller in the size to do small work.

Some users install bar faucets alongside their main faucet to enhance the washing experience. Bar faucets add a sense of luxury to the sink. Its efficient water flow won’t waste your water resources.

Widespread and Centerset Faucet

These are 2 distinct models for the Peerless bathroom faucets. Parts in the widespread faucets are not connected while centerset faucets have a single part. They come in a variety of handle designs: knob, lever, cross lever, and ball. You can choose from finishes.

These faucets are a more economical option for homeowners. These models fit into most standard sink configurations. While choosing these faucets consider your budget, the design of the sink, and the interior of the bathroom.

Style of Peerless Faucets

Peerless faucets are popular for their elegant designs and craftsmanship. Peerless won several awards for its stylish appearance. Its faucets have an exquisite stylish design that brings the inner beauty of the faucet outside.

To get coherent aesthetics in the sink area, some Peerless faucets come with a matching soap dispenser or side sprayer. Find the right faucet style for your home interior from its more than 200 designs.

Peerless has different color-coordinated finishes to match the faucet with the sink. Peerless faucets suit different tastes and budgets of people from contemporary to traditional.

The peerless team works continuously to improve the design of the faucet. Its faucets are stylish and reliable. Peerless is committed to delivering high-quality faucets that look great and work for a lifetime.

From classic 2-handle design to the latest pre-rinse faucets, Peerless has lots of options. Its range of features also makes sure with style you also get a functional faucet. While buying a Peerless faucet, you should check its style, features, and quality.

Does Peerless Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Does Peerless Have a Lifetime Warranty?

As you know, Peerless is a subsidiary brand of the Masco corporation. So, it also gives lifetime warranty for its faucets. It covers all defects in the material and craftsmanship of the faucet. To claim the warranty, contact customer service of the Peerless via phone, email, or online chat.

Peerless faucets remain under warranty till the faucet is used by its original purchaser. If you buy it in used condition, you can’t claim its warranty. If you improperly use the faucet and damage it, warranty can’t be claimed.

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FAQs About Peerless Brand

Where You Can Buy Peerless Faucets?

Here are the best places to buy Peerless faucets Amazon, Peerless official website, Homedepot, other online stores, and nearby hardware stores.

Is Peerless as Good as Delta?

Both Peerless and Delta are owned by same corporation. Delta has more options than Peerless but quality of Peerless faucets is quite similar to Delta faucets. They use same material to manufacture faucets. Also, their testing standards are same.

Final Thoughts

Peerless is a reputable brand in the market that has some highly-performed faucets with beautiful designs to complement any décor. User-friendly features of Peerless make it suitable for many users.

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With Peerless faucets, you are sure, you are investing in the right place. From low-budget to luxuries, Peerless has everything. If you want a faucet that will help you in the kitchen and transform its look, you should consider Peerless.

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