Why is Green Water Coming Out of Faucet?

Have you ever turned on the faucet and been surprised to see green water? Nothing is more upsetting than turning on your faucet and watching green-tinged water emerge. We want clean water from the faucet but due to elevated copper and magnesium levels in the water, discolored water comes out of the faucet.

Green water coming out of the faucet may seem dangerous but no need to panic. Try the below solutions to clean the water.

Why Is Green Water Coming Out of Faucet?

Why is Green Water Coming Out of Faucet

Presence of Copper In Water Supply

Nowadays copper pipes are not used widely in the plumbing system. Instead of copper pipes, people use PEX, PVC, pipes. But maybe there is copper plumbing in your house or the main water supply line of the house.

With time, copper particles may mix into the water from pipes. These particles can change the color of the water into green and also affect the taste.

If the plumbing is old in the house, you may see the green color of water due to old copper plumbing. When water comes in contact with copper pipes for an extended period of time, it may change the water color. The high Ph level of water also affects the copper plumbing and its leaches start mixing into water. High temperature is also responsible for copper leaching.

Malfunctioning Water Heater

If your water heater has some issues, it may also cause green water is coming out of the faucet. A water heater uses an anode rod to prevent rust and corrosion in the heater. This rod is built of aluminum or magnesium minerals. These minerals can react with water and make the water green. Whether you have an expensive or a cheap water heater, its rod will be corroded with time.

Algae Growth In The Water System

Algae growth is not a common reason for the green water in the house. Algae is a small plant that can grow underwater in the right conditions such as damp environments.

Algae will only occur in those faucets which are less likely to use such as guest bathrooms. These faucets are susceptible to algae growth. In these faucets, the stagnant water is perfect for the growth of algae. Along with turning water green, algae also change the taste and odor of the water. This water is not good for health.

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How To Get Clean Water From The Faucet?

Flushing The Pipes

Flushing the pipes is an easy and cost-effective solution for green water coming out of the faucet. This solution can be performed by anyone. When we flush the pipes, it clears out debris, minerals, or sediment from the faucet.

If any faucet is not used for an extended period of time, before using the faucet, you should flush its pipe. Standing water creates buildup, rust, or other debris in the water that leads to green water. By flushing the pipe, you can remove these impurities and make sure you are getting clean and healthy water coming out of the faucet.

Replace Corroded Pipes

Water turns green due to corrosion in copper pipes. If you are using copper plumbing in the house, it will become corroded with time. Corroded parts may leak with time and damage the house. Replacing the corroded part is the only solution in this situation.

But it is not easy to replace the corroded part of the pipe. First, you need to find out which part of the pipe is corroded. If you can’t find it, replace the whole pipe. You need to cut and fit pipes properly otherwise leaks may occur. It is a time-consuming process and replacing the pipe may cost you higher than other solutions.

Once you replace the corroded pipe, it will improve the quality of the water and also any discoloration of the water. New pipes won’t change the color of water and improve the lifespan of the plumbing.

Use a Water Filtration System

A water filtration system is the appropriate remedy if minerals are the source of the green water. Bad minerals and other impurities are removed during water filtration, leaving you with clean, pure water.

A common water filtering technology is an activated carbon filter. It improves the flavour of the water by removing contaminants. The water has no flavour or odour that you find objectionable. A reverse osmosis filtering system is another option. Magnesium and calcium are taken out of the water, and it works best with hard water.

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Is Green Bath Water Harmful?

Green bath water is not always harmful to health but you should avoid using it. It may raise concerns about safety.

If buildup is the reason for green water then it is not harmful to the body. It will give an unpleasant odor and it can cause stains on faucets, clothes, utensils, and appliances that come to contact with water.

If green water is caused by bacteria or corrosion, it will affect your health. Bacteria or corrosion can cause health risks and diseases. Lead exposure in the water can cause serious issues to health. When you get green water from the faucet, identify its cause and fix it. Water should be clean and safe when you use it for washing or taking bath.

How To Test For Copper, Iron, and Other Minerals In Water?

water testing kit

You can test copper, iron, and other minerals in water to know whether they are causing green water or not. Even if you don’t have green water, you can conduct this test to know how pure your home water is.

For this, you need a water testing kit. This kit is available online or you can get it from any hardware store. This kit comes with all the required materials to conduct the test. With the kit, you get an instruction manual to perform the test. By using the kit, you can find out which mineral is higher in the quantity in the water. Before purchasing a kit, read which minerals it can find. Some testing kits only find a few minerals whereas other covers a wide range of minerals and contaminants.

Open the testing kit and get a water sample of the house. Follow the instructions of the kit. Add appropriate chemicals into the test kit as per directed by the instructor. These chemicals react with the minerals in the water and change color to indicate their presence and level.

In the case of copper, the test kit will often include a reagent that turns blue in the presence of copper. The deeper the blue, the more copper there is in your water. Iron is often evaluated using a strip that changes color when iron ions are present. The strip will become orange or red, with deeper hues indicating greater iron levels.

2 thoughts on “Why is Green Water Coming Out of Faucet?”

  1. I installed Graff single handle shower valve
    8” wide spread lab set
    8” wide spread wall mount tub valve
    I have green water that comes out of tub spout for first few seconds only on tub valve
    No green water from other fixtures
    Any suggestions?

    • The green water could be originating from the faucet valve itself or from the pipes connected to it. Check the valve for any signs of corrosion or deterioration. If you notice any green deposits or discoloration, it could indicate a problem with the valve. Additionally, examine the pipes leading to and from the valve for any signs of corrosion or leaks.


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