How To Clean Delta Kitchen Faucet Spray Head?

The Delta faucet is well-known for making washing and cleaning activities much easier. Yet, have you ever found yourself always battling a Delta kitchen faucet that simply won’t spray properly? It is caused by a blocked spray head on the faucet. You will not have enough water pressure to wash your dishes. A blocked spray head will also result in an inconsistent spray.

If you want to know how to clean Delta kitchen faucet spray head, you are at the right place. Continue reading to learn the cleaning method of the spray head.

It will remove clogged particles from the spray head and also remove other stains of fingerprint and water spots and bring back the Delta faucet into a sparklingly clean look and back to its optimal performance.

What Causes Clogged Delta Kitchen Faucets?

The reduced flow is a frustrating situation when you try to wash dishes or fill pots. The reduced flow of water from the Delta kitchen faucet could result from various issues and it’s often easy to fix it.

If you have kids in the house, it’s possible that dirt and grime from their little hands go inside the spray head. The spray head has an aerator and dirt and grime block holes in the aerator and reduces the flow of water.

Another reason for the clogged spray head is minerals in the water. If you have hard water, mineral deposits build up around the spray head with time and restrict the way of water. Buildup affects the performance of the faucet and the result is a weak or uneven spray. The good thing is with little effort, you can remove dirt, grime, and buildup from the spray head. Within a little time, you can restore your faucet to its original pressure of water pressure.

How To Clean Delta Kitchen Faucet Spray Head?

How To Clean Delta Kitchen Faucet Spray Head

Clean The Aerator

Clean delta aerator

If there is an aerator in the spray head, first clean it. The aerator is a small part of the spray head that is hidden inside the spout and it infuses air into the water. When air mix with the water, it converts the water stream into a smooth water flow. Cover the sink drain with a cloth to prevent any loose part of the faucet from falling into the drain.

If you have an aerator key, you can use it to remove the aerator. Also, you can use a hand or a screwdriver to remove the aerator from the Delta kitchen faucet. Fit the screwdriver into the holes of the aerator and pull it outside.

Maybe you need something narrow enough to take the aerator apart from the Delta pull-down faucet. Once the aerator is loose enough, you can remove it by hand.


To clean the aerator, white vinegar is a good cleaner. Take a small bowl and mix warm water and vinegar into a bowl. If you don’t have vinegar, you may use baking soda or dish soap. Vinegar is a great cleaner to remove any dirt, grime, or buildup from the aerator.

After creating the mixture, soak the aerator into it for at least 30 minutes. You may increase time according to the quantity of buildup on the aerator. The longer you soak the aerator, the easier it will be to clean.

Here comes the next part. After soaking the aerator, it’s time to scrub the aerator to remove buildup, dirt, or grime. For this use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Start scrubbing the aerator gently. It will open up all the small holes in it. By toothbrush, you can reach all nooks and crannies to ensure that the aerator is thoroughly cleaned.


It’s time to completely rinse the spray head with warm water when you’ve done cleaning it. To ensure that all cleaning solution and dirt are eliminated, be sure to rinse the spray head’s whole assembly, including the tiny holes.

Following cleaning, now completely dry the spray head. The spray head may be carefully dried with a fresh towel, being careful to completely dry every component. When putting the spray head back together, it’s crucial to make sure it’s totally dry since a moist spray head will draw in extra accumulation.

How Do You Clean The Inside of a Delta Faucet Sprayer?

white vinegar for deep cleaning

Maybe you have removed the flow restrictor or aerator of the spray head to get more water pressure. This is not the right way to increase the pressure but some people do it. In this situation, you will need to do deep cleaning of the faucet spray head.

If you do deep cleaning of the spray head from time to time, no buildup will be accumulated on it and water pressure will remain high. Without cleaning, mineral deposits can accumulate inside the Delta kitchen faucet spray head.

In some faucets, the front part of the spray head is removable and in the remaining faucets, it is fixed. For a removable spray head, use an Allen wrench to remove it. Cover the spray head with a cloth to prevent scratches from the Allen wrench.

To deep clean the spray head, you need a large bowl to submerge the spray head totally into the vinegar.

Untwist the spray head of the Delta kitchen faucet. Use a clamp to prevent the hose from going back into the faucet.

Take the vinegar into a bowl and submerge the spray head of the Delta faucet into the vinegar for a few hours. After it is soaked properly, rinse the spray head with water and use a toothbrush to remove any remaining buildup from the spray head.

When cleaning is completed, reattach the aerator and spray head to the faucet and make sure everything is working properly without any leak.

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How Long Should I Soak My Delta Faucet In Vinegar?

You might be asking how long to soak the faucet in vinegar if you want to use it to clean it. The faucet and its components may be cleaned at home using vinegar to get rid of buildup and filth.

The faucet should typically be submerged in vinegar for at least 30 minutes. But, depending on how bad the accumulation is, the duration may extend. You may need to soak the faucet in vinegar for a few hours or perhaps the entire night if the severity is extreme. Check the vinegar-soaking directions on the faucet brand as well.

When the faucet has finished soaking, thoroughly dry it with a towel and rinse it with clean water. With no harm to the faucet, it will remove any vinegar residue. You can restore the Delta faucet’s original brilliance with minimum cleaning effort.

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