Why Does My Delta Touch Faucet Low Pressure?

Low water pressure can be quite annoying whether you’re using a modern Delta touch faucet or a more traditional one. When you’re trying to wash your dishes and you can’t complete the task as quickly as you would want due to low water pressure, it’s like living in a nightmare.

Scrubbing dishes can seem like an endless effort when you’re dealing with low water pressure. You feel frustrated and unsatisfied with the outcomes since it takes so much longer than it needs to. But don’t panic; if you’re having trouble with the Delta touch faucet low water pressure, we have some tips that will enable you to quickly restore normal water pressure.

Troubleshooting Delta Touch Faucet Low Pressure

Delta Touch Faucet Low Pressure

Check Delta Touch Faucet Spray Head

Check Delta Touch Faucet Spray Head

In many cases, the low water pressure in the faucet is due to calcium buildup within the faucet’s aerator, and the faucet aerator is located at the end of the spray head. Buildup cause low water pressure by restricting the flow of water.

To know whether the spray head is causing the issue, remove the spray head. Now turn the handle to run the water from the faucet. if after removing the spray head, you are getting high water pressure, it means the issue is with the spray head.

Twist the spray head by hand to remove it. If it is stuck, use a wrench to remove it. Wrap the spray head with a cloth and then use a wrench to avoid scratches. The spray head will come out easily. Keep the spray head in a safe place.

Now it’s time to clean the spray head and its aerator which is inside the spray head. Soak the spray head with an aerator in the vinegar to clean it. To clean the Delta touch faucet spray head, you need the following things.

  • White vinegar
  • Warm water
  • Bowl
  • Old toothbrush
  • Cloth

Bowl should be large enough so you can soak the spray head into the bowl. Make the cleaning solution of white vinegar and warm water in the bowl. Take both into equal quantities. Soak the spray head in the solution and let it sit there for a few hours. If the buildup quantity is high, you should soak it for a whole night.

This cleaning solution is good to remove mineral deposits from the spray head and aerator. When you take out the spray head from the cleaning solution and see any visible buildup on it, use a toothbrush to remove the buildup.

Now rinse the spray head into clean water and dry it with a cloth before reinstalling it.

Check Cartridge

If you have an old Delta touch faucet, it might be possible its cartridge is not in good condition. With time, the cartridge is damaged due to buildup or debris. A damaged cartridge may also cause a leak in the faucet if it is not replaced quickly.

You turn the handle in the on position but due to the damaged cartridge water pressure is not high. Either you can clean the cartridge or replace it. if the cartridge is too old, replacing it would be a good idea.

To replace the cartridge, remove the Delta faucet handle and remove the old cartridge and insert a new one. Get the correct cartridge from Delta’s website by finding the faucet by its model number. If the faucet is under the warranty, you will get the new cartridge for free.

Clean Blocked Supply Lines

Clean Blocked Supply Lines

If you have recently installed a new faucet and still you are getting low water pressure then the issue is with the supply lines of the Delta touch faucet. There may be dirt or debris inside the supply lines and causing blocks in the supply lines.

Some fixture brands provide written instructions to flush the supply lines of the faucet. Sometimes by sending water back into the supply lines with high pressure, remove the blockage from the supply lines. Within a few minutes, you can clean the supply lines.

Clean both hot and cold water lines of the fixture. When the cleaning is completed, reattach the supply lines to the faucet and check the flow of water pressure.

Check The Inlet Screen

As you roll up your sleeves and get ready to fix the low water pressure of the Delta touch tap under your sink, make sure to also take a look at the inlet screen on the supply line. It’s hiding just underneath the sink, near the point where the supply line meets the sink deck. You’ll spot a white plastic piece at the top of the hose that connects to it, complete with two handy clips at the top.

Don’t be afraid to get hands-on – press those clips in and give the plastic piece a firm tug to disconnect it from the hose. Then, unscrew the plastic piece from the hose and get ready for real fun.

At the end of the plastic component, there’s a sneaky little piece that might look like it’s one solid plastic shape, but don’t be fooled – it actually comes off. Take a deep breath, summon your inner handyman, and give that little piece a strong twist until it finally comes free.

Now, the real culprit behind the low water pressure might be lurking inside. Look carefully inside the plastic piece – is there any buildup of mineral deposits? If so, grab a needle or toothpick and get to work removing it all.

Once you’ve cleared out any buildup or debris, it’s time to put everything back together again. Reattach the sneaky little plastic piece to the end of the component, then connect the whole thing back up to the hose. Reassemble everything under the sink, and then at the moment of truth – turn on the water and see if the pressure has improved.

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Why Delta Touch Faucet Water Trickles?

Delta Touch Faucet Water Trickles

If your Delta touch faucet is only producing a trickle of water, there could be a few possible reasons for this frustrating issue

  • The aerator inside the faucet can accumulate mineral deposits and other debris over time, which can cause the water pressure to drop. To check if it helps try unscrewing the aerator and cleaning it.
  • Low water pressure in your home might also affect how much water flows from your faucet. To see if other faucets in your house are also generating less water than usual, check them out.
  • Your Delta touch faucet’s solenoid valve is in charge of managing the water flow. The flow of water could be affected if this valve is broken or malfunctioning. To solve the issue, the valve might need to be replaced.
  • Low batteries may affect the water flow of your Delta touch faucet. To avoid this issue, be sure you frequently change the batteries.

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