Where Are Signature Faucets Made & Who Makes Them?

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen with a reliable and stylish faucet that lasts long in the kitchen? You should consider the signature hardware brand. This brand is less popular but it has top-notch quality faucets at affordable prices. Before you make a purchase, you may want to know where are Signature faucets made or who owns the brand.

By knowing the Signature faucet brand in the detail, you can pick the right faucet for your home. This article gives a brief intro about the Signature brand and who makes its faucets.

About Signature Hardware Faucets

Signature Hardware Faucets

Signature Hardware is a brand that offers a wide range of products for the kitchen and the bathroom including faucets. Signature Hardware started its journey in 1999 and with consistency and quality, it becomes a well-known brand with a good reputation.

Its founder focuses on high-quality faucets that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Since its starting, development began to improve the quality of the faucet.

In the starting, Signature Hardware had only a limited range of products. But with time, its product line expanded including faucets, bathtubs, showers, mirrors, and other accessories.

Its Edison and Baina series are popular among customers. These series are designed to offer a modern take on the classic industrial style. Its Baina collection got several awards for its design and performance. The company makes sure each of its faucets is built with the highest standard.

Who Owns Signature Hardware Faucet?

In 1999, Mike and Becky Spakowski established Signature Hardware in Cincinnati, Ohio. Nevertheless, Ferguson Enterprises, LLC later purchased the business in 2014. Wolseley plc, a global construction materials distributor with headquarters in the UK, owns Ferguson Enterprises as a subsidiary.

In the United States, Ferguson Enterprises, LLC is one of the top distributors of industrial, HVAC, and plumbing supplies. The corporation has over 1,400 locations nationwide and has been in operation for more than 65 years. Ferguson Enterprises was able to increase the range of products it offers and solidify its position in the home improvement market by purchasing Signature Hardware.

Where Are Signature Faucets Made?

Both locally and globally, Signature Hardware has production facilities. The company’s administrative offices and main distribution hub are housed at its headquarters in Erlanger, Kentucky.

Yet, the company’s manufacturing facilities are situated outside the USA. The majority of the goods produced by Signature Hardware, including its faucet line, are made in a number of facilities in China and Taiwan.

The factories that Signature Hardware uses are carefully chosen and inspected to make sure they adhere to the company’s strict quality and safety standards. The company has a complex evaluation procedure to assess potential factories, and it only partners with those that satisfy its stringent requirements. After choosing a factory, Signature Hardware works closely with that facility to guarantee that its faucets are produced in accordance with the company’s demanding standards.

Signature Hardware’s factories are equipped with cutting-edge machinery and technology, allowing them to produce high-quality items economically.

The faucets produced by the company are constructed utilizing a combination of old and modern manufacturing processes. For example, the faucets are formed using the lost wax casting method, which entails producing a wax mold of the required shape and then filling it with molten metal. This process enables precise and detailed casting and is often utilized in high-end faucet production.

Why Choose Signature Faucets?

Signature Faucetsc have become increasingly popular among homeowners and interior designers due to their unique features and benefits.

Why Choose Signature Faucets?

Durable Construction

Signature Faucets are known for their longevity due to the high-quality materials utilized in their manufacturing. The faucets are made of solid brass, a material noted for its longevity and resistance to corrosion. Solid brass is also a good heat conductor, making it an excellent material for faucets that adjust the water temperature.

Signature Faucets use high-quality materials like ceramic disc valves, which are meant to last longer and require less care than typical rubber valves.

The choice of high-quality materials in Signature Faucets guarantees that they can survive the rigors of everyday usage and stay in outstanding shape for years to come. Elegant Design

Signature Hardware faucets are available in a variety of styles, ranging from modern and contemporary to classic and traditional. This range of styles assures that homeowners will be able to pick the ideal faucet to complement the décor of their bathroom or kitchen.

Furthermore, Signature Hardware offers a variety of finishes, including brushed nickel, chrome, black, and oil-rubbed bronze, allowing customers to match their faucets to other fixtures in their homes. Signature Faucets’ sleek design is not only aesthetically beautiful but also useful, with features such as ergonomic handles and swivel spouts that make them simple to operate.

Easy Installation

One of the most significant benefits of Signature Faucets is its ease of installation. The company provides clear instructions, and most of their faucets come with all of the necessary hardware, making installation a simple operation that most homeowners can perform.

Signature Hardware, in addition to clear instructions, provides online resources like as installation videos and FAQs to assist consumers with any queries or issues they may have.

Signature Faucets’ simple installation saves homeowners time and money on installation fees, making them an appealing alternative for those looking to swiftly and easily remodel their bathroom or kitchen.

Water Efficient

Water-efficient Signature Faucets utilize less water than conventional faucets because of their design. This function not only aids in water conservation but also lowers your water bill, making them a long-term cost-effective choice.

Aerators, which control water flow by blending air with the water stream, are used by Signature Faucets to achieve water efficiency. With this method, less water is utilized without sacrificing the faucet’s functionality. Homeowners who want to lessen their influence on the environment and save money on their electricity bills must take water efficiency into account.

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