Wall Mounted Faucets Pros and Cons – Know In Detail

Are you going to redesign your kitchen or bathroom? One thing you should consider in the early stage of the redesign process is the faucet, especially when you are thinking to install a wall mount faucet. The placement of the wall mount faucet is different from other faucets so it needs good planning. A wall-mount faucet either enhances the kitchen or bathroom interior or destroys it. From commercial to residential use, wall-mount faucets are being used people.

Its sleek look definitely attracts you. So, whether a wall mount faucet is a good option for you or not. Read these pros and cons of wall mounted faucets to know about them in detail. Many homeowners think to install a wall mount faucet because of its ultra-modern look. If you are also thinking to install it, this guide will help you to know about wall mounted faucets

What Is a Wall Mount Faucet?

What Is a Wall Mount Faucet?
What Is a Wall Mount Faucet?

The placement of the wall mount faucet is one thing that differentiates it from other faucets. Other faucets are installed on the sink or deck but a wall mount faucet is mounted on the wall. It will give hot and cold water like other faucets.

The supply lines of the wall mounted faucet are either behind the wall or inside the wall. So, it is really important to do planning before installing a wall mounted faucet.

The wall mount faucet doesn’t require any hole in the sink or the countertop for installation. Wall mount faucet is space-saving design for the small kitchen and bathroom where space on the countertop is limited.

Wall mount faucets are becoming popular among homeowners. They are good practical solutions for small kitchens and bathrooms.

Wall Mounted Faucets Pros and Cons

You like the sophisticated look of the wall mount faucet and buying it for your home but wait do you know its advantage and disadvantage? It is not ideal for everyone. Read these pros and cons for a better understanding of wall mount faucets.


Wall Mounted Faucets Pros
Wall Mounted Faucets Pros
  • Good For Small Space: wall mounted faucets are a good option if you have limited space in the kitchen and bathroom. It is installed on the wall so the sink area is free for other uses. It will give you extra space to place other things on the countertop. Without doing any modification to the sink, you get more space for cleaning and washing. After installing the wall mounted faucet, your sink looks more spacious.
  • Adjustable Height Installation: adjustable height is one of the major benefits of wall-mount faucets. With a regular deck-mount faucet, you don’t get this feature. These faucets are installed on the wall so they allow greater flexibility when it comes to choosing the height at which the faucet is mounted. With a higher height, your big-size pots easily fit under the faucet.
  • Easy Cleaning: water, dirt, and soap are the main reasons for stains on the faucet and sink. While cleaning a sink, a deck mount faucet becomes an obstruction but a wall mount faucet makes cleaning easy. You don’t get any obstruction while cleaning the sink and the countertop. Also, there are no splashes on the wall mount faucet and its handles so you just need a soft cloth to clean it.
  • Versatile: wall mount faucets are available in different sizes. You can get single handle wall mount faucet and double handle. Due to its versatile features, they are suitable for all types of kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Wide Compatibility: wall mount faucets are compatible with all types of sinks. Deck mount faucets require a specific number of holes in the sink but no such restriction for wall mount faucets. From large to small sinks, they are compatible with every type.
  • Lots of Designs: There is no shortage of designs for wall mount faucets. From modern to traditional, every design is available for them. You can get a better matching option for your bathroom and kitchen. With every design, you get lots of finishes to choose from for your existing décor.
  • Clean and Uncluttered Look: Wall mounted faucets offer a seamless and uncluttered look to the bathroom or kitchen. With the faucet mounted on the wall, the countertop or sink area appears more spacious and open. These faucets give a minimalistic aesthetic look to the sink area.


Wall Mounted Faucets Cons
Wall Mounted Faucets Cons
  • Complex Installation: The installation of the wall mount faucet is not simple. It is installed into the wall so you need to drill holes in the wall for the spout and handles. It requires extra effort. Proper measurements should be taken for the height before drilling holes. Maybe you take the help of the plumber to install it. It increases the faucet installation cost.
  • Repair Issues: Repairing a wall mount faucet is not straightforward. Its parts and supply lines are hidden behind the wall. To access them, you need to open the wall with tools. This makes repairing work lengthy and costly. After the faucet repair, you also need to repair the wall.
  • Wall Distance Issue: wall mount faucets are not a good option for every sink. When the distance between the sink and the wall is more than the length of the spout, there are chances of splashes on the countertop. The spout front part should be pointed towards the center of the sink. if water doesn’t fall in the center from the wall mount faucet, the splashes are obvious.
  • Fewer Features: Wal mount faucets are not technology friendly. Touchless, voice-activated features are not available in wall mount faucets.

Are Wall-mounted Faucets a Bad Idea?

Wall-mounted faucets are not a bad idea. Their aesthetic appeal and good water pressure improve the washing and cleaning experience. Their dual handles allow us to get accurate water temperature and water flow.

People hesitate to buy a wall-mount faucet because of its installation process. Its installation is trickier and requires extra effort. Everything on the wall mount faucet is hidden behind the wall. So, you need to make sure that all the connections are properly tightened and that the quality of the faucet material is high.

A loose connection will leak water into the wall and damage it. The low-quality wall-mounted faucet will require frequent repair. For this, you need to open the wall every time. To avoid this, use high-quality wall-mount faucets.

Before buying a wall-mount faucet, you should take measurements of the sink and wall distance. If your wall-mount faucet is not throwing water into the sink, you end up with a mess.

How High Should Wall Mount Faucet Be Above Sink?

The installation height of a wall-mount faucet is an important consideration. While deciding its height above the sink, you should keep 2 points in mind.

  • First, it should be high enough so big size pots easily fit under the faucet.
  • Second, the height should not be so high that it causes splashes in the sink.

Keeping take care of these points helps you to decide the right height. The height measurement may be different for everyone. For some people, 3 inches above the sink is enough and for some people, 6 inches is the right height.

The main reason for splashes through wall-mounted faucets is their height. People install them at very high but later face splashes on the countertop.

Installation Cost of a Wall Mount Faucet

The installation cost of a wall-mount faucet can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the installation, the region or area you are located in, and whether you hire a professional plumber or attempt to do it yourself.

If you are currently using a deck-mount faucet and want to install a wall-mount faucet, it requires making changes to the existing plumbing. You need to do the necessary plumbing connection behind the wall. This process increases the cost of the installation. If you can’t do it yourself, you need to hire a plumber.

The plumber and modification in the wall will cost you from $200 to $500 or more. This cost will vary on your house’s plumbing system.

If the wall is made of sturdy materials like wood or drywall, the installation may be relatively straightforward. However, if the wall is made of harder materials like concrete or tile, the installation may require specialized tools and skills, leading to higher installation costs.

Can Wall-mounted Faucets Be Installed In Existing Bathrooms or Kitchens?

Wall Mounted Faucet Installation
Wall Mounted Faucet Installation

Yes, you can install a wall-mount faucet in the existing bathroom or kitchens but you should keep some points in mind. Make sure the wall is in good condition to install a wall mount faucet.

You need to do changes in the existing plumbing of the deck mount faucet. You need to reroute the plumbing lines into the wall so the wall mount faucet spout and handles can be connected to them. Install the faucet at the proper height so the largest pot in your house easily fits under it.

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What Are The Top 5 Wall-Mounted Faucets?

wall mount faucet


Wall Mount Commercial Sink Faucet

Dual temperature lever handles | double O-ring 8 inch swing spout | Reinforced double O-Ring valves

sitges wall mount faucet


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SITGES Antique Wall Faucet

Premium solid brass |  Advanced brushed gold finish | US Standard of NPT ½ inlet connector | Replaceable Extended Disc Cartridge

sumerain wall mounted faucet

Sumerain Wall Mount Cross 2-Handle Faucet

Chrome finish | solid Brass valve | High-quality ceramic disc cartridge

delta wall mounted faucet

Delta Faucet Trinsic Wall Mount Faucet

Two hole installation | Flexible Design | Power Clean spray technology | Easy-To-use

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SUMERAIN Wall Mount Bathroom Sink Faucet

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Are Wall-mounted Faucets Interchangeable?

Not all wall mounted faucets are interchangeable but some models may have similar configurations. You should read the configuration carefully to find out whether it will match your existing plumbing or not. Also take care of mounting hole space, pipe connection size, and valve type.

Do Wall Mount Faucets Leak?

Wall mount faucets are not different from others in terms of leakage. With time, it may leak and you need to fix it. if the leak happens behind the wall, it becomes tricky to fix the leak.

Can I Install A Wall-Mounted Faucet Myself?

Installation of the wall mount faucet is not as simple as a deck mount faucet. You need to drill holes in the wall and fix supply lines and other connections in the wall. Its installation is not a regular DIY project. So, it would be a good idea to take the help of the plumber.

Are There Situations Where Installing a Wall-mounted Faucet Isn’t Possible?

Yes, wall mounted faucet installation is not possible everywhere. In those houses where above sink if there is a window or cabinet, you can’t install wall mount faucet there. You need a wall to install the wall mount faucet. But when there is a window or cabinet, you can’t install it.

Is It Possible To Replace a Deck-mounted Faucet With a Wall-mounted Faucet?

Yes, you can replace the deck-mounted faucet with a wall mounted. Both need different places for the installation, so their replacement is possible. But if you install it in an existing kitchen, you need to various adjustments in the kitchen and it will increase the installation cost and time.

Final Thoughts

Wall mount faucets are elegant and beautiful. If they are installed properly and at the right height, they work well without creating any splashes. They give a more modern look to the kitchen and bathroom. With these pros and cons of wall-mount faucets, you get a clear idea of what features and configurations you should look for when you buy a wall mounted faucet.

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