Are Expensive Faucets Worth It?

Your faucet is malfunctioning and you are thinking to change it. You check different faucet brands and their faucets. Every brand has a different price range for their faucets. Some come at an affordable price while some have a high-price tag. Are expensive faucets worth it or not? This question comes to your mind when you see the prices of different faucets.

You need a functional faucet that helps you in your daily washing or cleaning work. Yet, its expensive cost is making you second-guess whether you should buy it.

Not everyone can afford an expensive faucet. Once you install a faucet, you won’t want to change it in a few months. You want a durable and long-performing faucet. So, before you decide whether you should go with a premium faucet, it is important to check the benefits and drawbacks of expensive faucets.

Why Are Some Faucets More Expensive Than Others?

Are Expensive Faucets Worth It?

Material Quality

When it comes to faucets, the quality of materials used can make all the difference. Cheaper faucets may look good at first glance, but to keep the price low most times they use low-grade material for the faucet. Low-grade materials won’t perform well and quickly deteriorate over time. These faucets look good but are often prone to leaking and cracking.

Material quality makes expensive faucets worth it. Their high-grade material looks good and performs better even in busy kitchens. It can withstand high water pressure and is resistant to corrosion and rust.

Additionally, investing in a faucet made from high-quality materials can save you money in the long run by reducing the need for repairs or replacements.

Brand Name

The price of a faucet also depends on its brand name. People like those fits that look good and fit in their budget. The lesser-known brand offers cheap products that may deteriorate within a few months.

Popular and reputable faucet brands have a reputation for quality faucets that have been built up over time.

To make their fixtures durable and long-lasting, brands invest significant resources in research. With their extensive research knowledge, they create innovative and high-quality fixtures. If they come up with a faucet that doesn’t stand with their standards, they lose their reputation among customers. So, they take great care of their fixture quality.

Reupdated brands use the latest technologies to test the quality of their faucets. Their faucets go through extensive testing and quality control measures. Repeated tests on the faucet ensure consistency.


Definitely, you would have seen different features in the faucet. Some faucets come with only basic operations while some have advanced features such as touchless, voice-control, etc. The addition of features decides the price of the faucet.

Touchless sensors and voice control are the most prominent features of a faucet. They allow you to control the faucet without touching it. For people who are concerned about germs on germs on the faucet go with these features. Without touching the dirty handle, you get water for washing.

Some faucets come with an LED lighting feature. Color of the LED light changes according to the water temperature. So, before touching the water, you can know whether the temperature is hot or cold. Also, it is good for the kid. These features improve the overall functionality of the faucet but also increase its price of it. If you value convenience and cleanliness, you should invest in an expensive fixture.

Manufacturing Process

The cost of the tap is influenced by the manufacturing process as well. Its quality, robustness, and general performance may be affected by the production process.

The cost of hand-made faucets is higher than the cost of machine-made faucets. Hand-made faucets have bodies that are crafted by workers who have undergone specialized training. Nevertheless, due to the time-consuming and expensive procedure, hand-made models are becoming less common.

Nowadays days, machines are employed to produce faucets in batches. A company’s production expenses rise if it employs modern manufacturing methods. You might need to be ready to pay more if you’re looking for a faucet with a distinctive design or excellent craftsmanship.


When it comes to the design of the faucet, you get so many options to choose from. You can go with a modern and sleek design or give a vintage touch to the interior with a traditional faucet. For every budget and taste, there are lots of designs.

Generally, cheap faucets are almost similar in look. Their manufacturers don’t invest in the design process. Creating a faucet with a unique design takes lots of effort and skill to ensure it not only look beautiful but also functional. It comes with a luxurious finish to make the faucet more stylish.

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How Much Does a Good Quality Faucet Cost?

The cost of a good quality faucet depends on different factors such as brand, material, features, and design. A good quality faucet may cost you from $50 to $500. It depends on what you want from the faucet.

If you need a simple faucet without any advanced features and a stylish look, you can get it for around $50-$100. These faucets are durable to use but don’t have any style or feature options. Maybe they come with a lower-grade material.

In the $100-$300 range, you get some good options for the fixture. Their material and quality are good and come with attractive styles. They come with a pull-down or pull-out sprayer. Some brands offer touch-activated options in this price range.

At the high end, you have faucets that come at the price of $300 or more. These are built with increate design and high-quality materials. They may also come with advanced features such as voice activation or advanced filtration systems. Ultimately, the cost of a good quality faucet will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Does Faucet Quality Matter?

Faucet Quality Matter

The quality of the faucet does matter. Compared to a lesser-quality or less expensive substitute, a high-quality faucet can provide a number of advantages. A high-quality faucet is probably more resilient and will likely last longer. The materials used to make high-quality faucets are often of a better caliber.

Water should flow from high-quality faucets smoothly and continuously without water splashing or inconsistent pressure.

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A high-quality faucet could use less water than one that is less expensive. This is so that you may decrease water wastage and lower your water cost because high-quality faucets frequently include water-saving features like aerators or flow restrictors built in.

What Features Should I Look For When Considering an Expensive Faucet?

expensive faucet features

The materials used to construct expensive faucets are frequently of the highest caliber and include brass, stainless steel, gold, and platinum. Choose a faucet that is long-lasting and built of a material that can survive regular usage without corroding or wearing out.

Costly faucets frequently have distinctive designs and styles that can give your home a sense of class and luxury. Choose a faucet whose style and design go well with your home’s overall aesthetic and your own personal preferences.

An advanced filtration system, touchless sensor, or pull-out sprayer are just a few of the extra features that expensive faucets may have. Take into account your personal priorities and whether the faucet’s additional features are worth the increased price.

It’s crucial to choose a company known for its high-quality products and dependability when selecting a costly faucet. Search for a company that has a reputation for providing high-quality faucets and has received positive client feedback.

You may have peace of mind and help safeguard your investment in an expensive faucet with a solid warranty and customer service. When choosing a faucet, look for one with a sizable guarantee and attentive customer care.

It’s possible that more expensive faucets are made to use less water than their less expensive counterparts, which might reduce your water cost. Aerators or flow restrictors are examples of water-saving features to look for in a faucet.

Is It Possible To Find High-Quality Faucets at a More Affordable Price?

If you do proper research before buying the faucet, you can get a high-quality faucet at an affordable price. But at an affordable price, you won’t get so many options to choose from. Also, you get fewer features in the faucet. You only get a durable faucet with basic features. If you don’t need a stylish look and advanced features, you can get a high-quality faucet at low price.

What Are The Benefits of Investing In an Expensive Faucet?

  • Higher quality materials
  • Longer lifespan
  • Enhanced durability
  • More advanced features
  • Better water flow and pressure
  • Improved aesthetic appeal
  • Better warranty and customer service
  • Improved water conservation features
  • Increased property value (for high-end properties)
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs in the long run.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Purchasing an Expensive Faucet?

  • Higher cost upfront
  • Maintenance and repair costs can also be expensive
  • Cost may not be justified by added features or functionality
  • Limited options for customization and replacement parts
  • Risk of theft or damage in rental properties

Is It Better To Invest In Expensive Faucets For a Rental Property?

Although it depends on a variety of factors, including the location of the rental property, the tenants, the rental rate, and the total budget, investing in pricey faucets may not always be the best choice.

In general, choosing mid-range or less expensive faucets for rental homes may be more cost-effective because they are less expensive while still being able to provide acceptable performance and durability.

Nonetheless, it could be worthwhile to spend extra money on more costly faucets if the rental home is in a high-end neighborhood or serves premium customers in order to draw in and keep renters. In the end, the choice should be made after carefully weighing the requirements of the rental property and the prospective return on investment.

Are Expensive Faucets Worth It?

Expensive faucets are a good choice or not depending on various factors such as budget, needs, and preferences.

If you want a durable faucet with an easy-to-use design and advanced features then investing in expensive faucets is totally worth it. These faucets add a touch of elegance and luxury to the décor. Their aesthetically pleasing body increases the value of the home.

They provide long-term value and reduce repair and maintenance costs. Their longer warranty and customer support give peace of mind.

Yet, a high price tag does not always indicate quality and longevity. Occasionally, brands maintain a premium price because of their stellar reputation. Several brands may provide a faucet of comparable quality for less money. When purchasing an expensive faucet, you should compare several brands to see which one is providing comparable features at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Find High-Quality Faucets at a More Affordable Price?

You may get a high-quality faucet at an inexpensive price if you conduct adequate research before making your purchase. But, you won’t have as many alternatives to pick from if you pay a low amount. Moreover, the faucet has less functionality. Only a sturdy faucet with few functionalities is provided. You may get a high-quality faucet at a modest cost if you don’t want a fashionable appearance or cutting-edge functionality.

Can An Expensive Faucet Save Money In The Long Run?

Sure, an expensive faucet will ultimately cost less money. Although having a higher initial cost than a cheaper faucet, premium faucets typically last longer and require less care since they are made of higher-quality materials. This equates to fewer replacements and repairs over time, which can ultimately save you money. Moreover, more expensive faucets may use less water than their less expensive counterparts, which could result in lower water costs.

Does Brand Matter on Faucets?

Regarding faucets, the brand does matter. The best way to ensure you receive the best value for your money is to buy from a reliable company that has a good reputation. To enhance their product lines, provide better customer service, and uphold their reputations, well-known firms spend money on research and development. Search for companies that have a reputation for quality, provide warranties, and have satisfied customers.

Do Expensive Faucets Have Better Water Flow and Pressure?

Bot expensive or inexpensive faucets have a good water flow. It is not right that only expensive faucets come with a high-water flow. Some cheap faucets such as Owofan, WEWE, and Vivo offer high water pressure at a reasonable price. If you are buying an expensive faucet only for high water pressure, it is not worth it.

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