Are Brizo Faucets Good?

Are you a fan of classic faucet designs that exude elegance and charm? If so, then Brizo faucets are a good option for you. Along with the vintage-style faucets, Brizo has modern designs also. Brizo faucet brand doesn’t offer a limited selection of antique-inspired designs.

But when you buy a faucet, there is more to look at than just its appearance. It’s essential to know if a brand delivers on quality and functionality. In this guide, we will find out, along with eye-catching design, whether Brizo faucets have quality or not. Let’s see are Brizo faucets good for you.

About Brizo Brand

Brizo is a high-end faucet brand that was introduced by Delta in 2004 as its luxury line. Brizo faucets are known for their exceptional quality and design. Since its launch, Brizo has managed a good reputation in the luxury faucet brands.

With time, Brizo has the upscale quality of its faucets and innovative designs. Brizo is widely known for its cutting-edge design philosophy.

Brizo high-end faucets come with different designs for the kitchen and bathroom. From single-handle faucets to widespread faucets, you will find everything in the Brizo faucet collection. Brizo also has matching kitchen and bathroom accessories.

Brizo faucets are a solid option for homeowners to give their kitchen or bathroom a luxurious feel. Sleek curves and softer lines give a premium touch to the faucet.

Brizo Faucet Collections

Kitchen SeriesBathroom SeriesShower Series
Jason WuBalizaBaliza
OdinFrank LloydEssential
SolnaJason WuJason Wu

Are Brizo Faucets Good?

brizo faucet brand

Although Brizo faucets are built to give a premium feel in the kitchen and bathroom, you might think are Brizo faucets good or not? Before making any decision, you might read these features of Brizo faucets. There will help you to know in detail about the Brizo faucet and you can decide whether Brizo is a good option for your home or not.


When it comes to design, Brizo truly shines by offering a plethora of distinct and innovative designs. Its faucets boast a sleek and contemporary design. Its faucets create a visually stunning focal point in the kitchen and bathroom.

For the modern design, Brizo pushes the boundary of the design but it also understands the appeal of timeless classic design.


Brizo has created a variety of designs for different requirements of the people. From the graceful high-arc faucet body to the convenient pull-down spouts and user-friendly single-handle configurations, Brizo makes sure that everyone gets what they want.

Along with unique premium designs, Brizo offers people to personalize their fixtures with a wide selection of finishes. You can select from a multitude of finishes, including the ever-popular stainless steel, classic chrome, stylish matte black, and elegant brushed nickel.

Build Quality

The superior build quality of Brizo faucets set them apart from low-quality faucets. The durability of Brizo faucets is good. Currently, I don’t have any Brizo faucets but my cousin has been using a Brizo kitchen faucet for the last 5 years. This time period is enough to tell the quality of any faucet.


I talked with him about the build quality of Brizo faucets and he was quite happy with it. To prevent leaks, Brizo uses a diamond seal cartridge, a standard component in high-quality faucets. This cartridge ensures smooth operation of the handle and precise control of water flow, adding to the overall durability of the faucet.

For long-lasting use of the faucet, it comes with a durable metal base. The commitment to the quality of Brizo is evident in its build quality.


If you are finding a budget-friendly faucet in the Brizo collection, you will get disappointment. Brizo faucets come with a higher price tag compared to its sister brand Delta and Peerless.

Brizo is known as a premium brand in the faucet market. Its faucet starts with a normal $300 price tag. This price range keeps it far from budget-oriented people.

Each faucet is meticulously designed and manufactured using premium materials to ensure long-lasting performance and aesthetic appeal.

If you look at the exceptional quality, premium design, and latest features of a Brizo faucet, you will truly understand its high price reason. The Brizo faucets are well worth the investment. If you need a budget-friendly alternative to Brizo faucets with the same build quality, go with Delta faucets.


The high price of the Brizo faucet is also justified by the technologies used in its faucets. To give an unparallel experience, Brizo mixes cutting-edge technology with the sleek design of the faucet.

For the touch-activated and touchless faucet, Brizo uses SmartTouch technology. When you tap the handle, faucet body, or spout, water starts flowing from the faucet. Brizo SmartTouch faucets are designed with a LED light. This light shows the color of the water temperature.

If you want to control the faucet from any corner of the kitchen, get a Brizo faucet with VoiceIQ technology. By turning on and off the water, you can give more commands to the faucet. You can set the temperature of the water or tell it to dispatch a particular amount of water. You can control the faucet without coming near to it.

But the technological wonders don’t stop there. Brizo’s commitment to innovation extends to every aspect of its faucet collection. Delve into their diverse range of features, including intelligent sensors that respond to your presence, ensuring water flow precisely when you need it. Imagine effortlessly filling a pot without lifting a finger or having the faucet anticipate your needs and adjust accordingly. With Brizo, these luxuries become a reality, enhancing your kitchen experience like never before.

After-Sale Service

After-sale service of any brand helps them to grow their reputation among customers. Brizo stands out with its commendable customer support team. By reading other customer reviews, you can understand that people are happy with its after-sale service.

Brizo has a dedicated team that answers customers’ queries about any issue with the faucet. its team gives proper solutions to the customer and also if the customer’s problem is not getting solved, they ask him to contact them via email or phone support.

This level of attentiveness leaves a positive impression and reassures potential customers that their needs will be met with utmost care.

You can contact Brizo by email through their contact page. Also, use BRIZO HELPLINE: 1-877-345-BRIZO (2749) to talk with them via phone.

Do Brizo Faucets Come With a Warranty?

Yes, Brizo faucets come with a warranty. The warranty of Brizo faucets reflects its commitment to the quality and reliability of its faucets.

According to faucet models, a warranty may change, so you need to read the warranty information carefully. The good warranty ensures customers that their investment in a Brizo faucet is protected and they will get brand support and service for any unforeseen issues.

Brizo offers limited lifetime warranties on their faucets, which cover defects in materials and workmanship under normal residential use. For commercial use, the warranty is limited. If there is any defective part in the faucet, Brizo will replace it free of charge.

In certain conditions, a warranty may break such as if you install it wrongly or you buy a used Brizo faucet. Even if the faucet is in the warranty period, Brizo won’t give a warranty if you are not the original owner of the faucet.

Are Brizo Faucets Easy To Install?

brizo faucet

The installation process of the Brizo faucet depends on the specific model. Brizo strives to make the installation process user-friendly, even if you don’t have plumbing knowledge.

With the Brizo faucet, you get step-by-step installation instructions that guide you through the installation process. These instructions typically include clear diagrams, written explanations, and sometimes even instructional videos to assist users in understanding the necessary procedures.

A Brizo faucet installation is easy if it is compatible with your sink configuration. Each Brizo model has its own hole requirements. Some Brizo models come with quick-connect fittings and pre-assembled parts to make the installation more simple and quick.

Is Brizo Owned By Delta?

Brizo is not owned by Delta. Both Delta and Brizo are subsidiary brands of Masco Corporation. This corporation is known for producing a diverse range of residential and commercial faucets. Delta and Brizo are different brands. Brizo is known for its luxurious faucets whereas Delta is known for mid-rand quality faucets.

Mascon Corporation is taking care of all its subsidiary brands. So, they exchange their technologies with each other.

Delta is a popular brand in the USA but its faucets were not offering luxury lines then Masco corporation created the Brizo faucet brand to compete with other luxury brands in the market.

Where Are Brizo Products Manufactured?

Most Brizo faucets and their parts are manufactured in China. Masco corporation has its plant in China where Brizo faucets are manufactured. The major manufacturing plant is in the Panyu region of China.

Some models of Brizo faucets are manufactured in the USA. Brizo explores innovative designs and leverages specialized expertise from various sources, contributing to the uniqueness of its product range.

Are Brizo Faucets Compatible With Different Types of Sink Configurations?

Brizo faucets are designed to be compatible with different types of sink configurations. Brizo has a different range of faucets that suit your sink configurations. Its faucets accommodate various sink styles.

Brizo traditional faucets are compatible with three-hole sinks. Brizo single-handle faucet is good for one hole sink. It’s always recommended to check the specific product specifications and installation requirements provided by Brizo to ensure compatibility with your sink.


Do Delta and Brizo Use The Same Valves?

Delta and Brizo are both owned by the same parent company. So, there are some similarities in the technology and parts of the faucet but their parts are not interchangeable. Both have their own distinct product lines with unique features and specifications. For every brand, there are specifically designed parts. So, you should only use recommended part by the brand for proper fitting, functionality, and compatibility.

Are Brizo Faucets Made of Brass?

Yes, Brizo faucets are made of brass. This material is used to make high-end faucets. Brass provides strength and stability to Brizo faucets. In addition to brass, some Brizo models are made with other materials.

Final Words

Brizo is not merely a manufacturer of kitchen faucets; it is a visionary brand that merges luxury, technology, and artistry to redefine the concept of a faucet. Embrace the future of kitchen innovation with Brizo and indulge in a truly remarkable experience that will transform the way you interact with water in your daily life.

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