Single Handle Shower Faucet No Hot Water – 4 Easy DIY Fixes

Single handle shower faucet no hot water, no problem. In this guide, we show you how can you fix the hot water issue in the single-handle shower faucet in no time.

Not getting hot water from the shower faucet is an annoying situation. This is a common issue that homeowners face. Whatever the reason for this issue, the situation is not good when you need to take a hot water shower but don’t get hot water from the shower. Solutions from this guide help you to fix it without taking the help of the plumber.

How To Fix Single Handle Shower Faucet No Hot Water?

fix Single Handle Shower Faucet No Hot Water

There are a couple of reasons why you are not getting hot water from the single handle shower faucet. Here we are discussing, different causes and also providing their solutions.

Check Water Heater

A water heater provides hot water to the shower faucet and other faucets in the bathroom. Whenever you encountered a hot water issue in the shower, first you should check if the water heater working properly or not.

Over time, the water heater is subject to degradation and rust because of the continuous use of water. Water minerals degrade the quality of the water heater and damage its parts.

Rust is a common cause of a faulty water heaters. After a few years of use of a water heater, you would see rust inside it. Even if you use a hard water faucet, you can’t avoid rust. If you see rust in the water heater, chances of the repairing it are less and you need to replace the water heater.

If the rust is not an issue, the water heater itself is faulty. Turn off the water heater and disconnect its power supply. It will prevent you from any electrical shock.

Now open the water heater and check its parts to see any damage to them. If you see any damaged part and it can be replaced, replace it with a new one.

Sometimes the water heater is fine but its power supply source has an issue. The water heater gets power either from electricity or gas. You need to check its power supply and make sure it is working fine. In gas-powered water heaters, there is a shut-off valve that controls the water temperature. Due to this feature, the temperature of the water goes up and down. If the shut-off valve of the water heater is not working properly, you won’t get hot water from the shower faucet.


Reset Anti Scaled Valve

Anti Scaled Valve

Many people use Anti-scald valves to prevent accidental damage from hot water. You can set the temperature of the water as per your need. But if the temperature for the valve is set too low, it won’t give proper hot water in the single handle shower faucet.

Its solution is very simple. There would be a knob or lever on the anti scaled valve. Turn the knob or lever to a higher setting to get hot water from the shower faucet. You should increase the temperature slowly. When you get the right temperature of the hot water, leave the knob there.

Water will take a few minutes to become hot. So instead of continuously turning the knob, turn the knob a little bit and then check the temperature and continue this process until you won’t get the right hot water to take a shower.


Damaged Cartridge

Damaged Cartridge

Dealing with a damaged cartridge is common for people who have an old shower faucet. over time, the cartridge in the shower faucet becomes clogged because of dirt and debris. A damaged cartridge affects the hot water more because of its low water pressure.

Here are simple but effective steps to fix the damaged cartridge.

  • The first step in tackling this problem is to shut off the water supply line connected to the faucet.
  • Take a screwdriver and remove the handle.
  • After removing the handle, you can see the cartridge beneath the handle that is responsible for the flow of water.
  • Now use a pair of pliers to take out the cartridge. Gently grip the plier on the cartridge and pull it out.
  • Inspect the condition of the cartridge. If it is damaged, you need to replace it. if the cartridge is in good condition but there is dirt and debris on it, you can reuse it after cleaning.
  • Take the white vinegar into a bowl and soak the cartridge in it for an hour. It would be better if leave it in vinegar for more time. This allows ample time for the vinegar to work its magic and remove stubborn blockages.
  • Now take out the cartridge from the vinegar and rinse with clean water to eliminate any traces of vinegar or loosened debris.
  • Once cleaned, carefully reinsert the cartridge back into its original position within the faucet. Ensure it is properly aligned and securely fitted.

Unclogged Plumbing

Clogged plumbing lines of the shower are another reason single handle shower faucets have no hot water. To confirm that issue is with plumbing lines, you can do a test.

Turn on other hot water faucets in the house, if all other faucets are dispensing hot water properly, it means the shower faucet plumbing line is blocked. Mineral deposits, debris, and sediment are the most likely cause of a blocked faucet.

To unclog the plumbing, first, you should increase the pressure of the hot water. Open the shut-off valve of the hot water to the highest point. Sometimes dirt and debris are low in the plumbing but due to low water pressure, hot water doesn’t come out from the shower faucet.

Now check the aerator. Remove it and clean it with vinegar. Sometimes aerator cleaning brings magic and hot water comes out from the single-handle shower faucet.

If plumbing lines are blocked, you can use a plunger to unclog them. See the below video to know the process of unclogging plumbing lines in detail.


Which Way Do You Turn a Single Handle Shower Faucet For Hot Water?

In most single-handle shower faucets, you typically turn the handle to the left (counterclockwise) to get hot water. but according to the brand, this direction may be changed. If there is a red and blue mark on the shower faucet then turn the handle into the red mark direction to get hot water. Before using a new shower, it is always a good idea to refer user manual to get proper knowledge about the hot and cold water direction.

What Is an Airlock In a Hot Water System?

In the context of a hot water system, an airlock refers to a situation where air becomes trapped within the pipes, preventing the smooth flow of hot water. When an airlock occurs, it can disrupt the normal operation of the system, leading to reduced or no hot water supply from the affected faucet or outlet.

Why Do I Have Warm Water But Not Hot Water?

Possible reasons for warm water instead of hot water include a low-temperature setting on the water heater, sediment buildup, faulty heating element or thermostat, high demand exceeding capacity, or plumbing issues.

Why Is My Shower Not Mixing Hot and Cold Water?

The main reason is a malfunctioning mixing valve. This faulty valve won’t be able to mix hot and cold water properly. This can result in imbalanced water temperatures.

Can You Adjust The Hot Water?

Yes, in most cases, you can adjust the hot water temperature in the shower faucet. The method to adjust the temperature can vary depending on the type of shower faucet you have.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the above solutions, fixing the issue of single handle shower faucet no hot water is simple and doesn’t need any help from the plumber. For this, you need to find out the actual reason for the problem and apply the appropriate solution from the article. Make sure, you do regular cleaning and maintenance of the shower to avoid such issues in the future.

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